Friday, May 6, 2016

Better Blue Than Bald

From about the time my kids were able to talk they've always called me "that old blue hair" and if you notice,  this little guy on my card has a blue tint!  Scary!.  I'm not so sure if my hair is gray, blue, or white now.  Guess that comes with being "elderly" as my son told me this year on my birthday.  Where do these kids come from anyway!   Surely they couldn't belong to me.   Anyway, I actually had it 'colored' at the beauty shop for several years but then stopped because it just wasn't me.  So now what you see is what you get.  As far as being "elderly" told my son he was going to be there someday too - and yet he's going to be bald.  Better blue than bald - right!!

Yep, I made another card using one of those cute stamps from Taylored Expressions.  I attempted to 'ground' him using a brown Copic and that turned into a wreck, so added some 'grass'.  You gotta have a little dirt in order to grow grass anyway.  Oh, and yes.....he's colored with a gray (not blue) Copic!

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Monday, May 2, 2016


It's been a while........but I'm here once again with a super simple git 'er done card.  The image is from Sassy Sheryl and sentiment from Cas-Ual Friday.

I haven't been around at all lately due to a chock-full social life (doctor's appointments).  I haven't even been in the craft room in a couple of weeks.  I didn't want anyone to think I'd just dropped off the face of the earth though so thought I'd post this card I'd done several weeks ago.  Thanks for hanging in there with me and I'll be back to my old (young - HA!) self this week - hopefully!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Two Hearts

I had two anniversary cards that needed to go out this week so completed these two in no time flat.  Both are the same but I punched different hearts for them.  Of course I just had to use that wonderful die from MFT once again.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

From Trash to Whatever

Ok, this is a little different than my normal card.  Of course I love the blue, but as far as the rest of it I'm undecided.  It's one of those cards you look at once and shout WOW and then look at it again and go UCK! 

This started out by stamping the flower and deciding to watercolor it.  After a royal mess of that I tossed it in the trash.  Done deal and no more worries.  I was complaining to my best friend about it and she said to dig it out of the trash and smear some distress ink all over it - which I did.  It pretty well washed out the flower and leaf color I'd watercolored so I added some Copics to that, added the sentiment and sequins, and walla....a birthday card to add to the pile!

I'm going to have a very busy week so thought I'd schedule a couple of cards in advance.  I'll be by to visit when I can but know it probably won't be every day.  Hope everyone has a great week.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Grumpy Birthday

I thought it was probably high time for maybe not a Funny Friday - but at least a Fun Friday!  It's been a while since I've done one of those.  In fact, it's been a while since I did anything! 

After seeing Marilyn over at One Stamping Fool and several other wonderful artists make such cute cards with this stamp set from Taylored Expressions, I knew I had to have it!  The design is from a sketch I saw not long ago and thought it would be perfect to showcase the grumpy, but fun, cat.

Good Golly!  I just realized this card would slide right into the challenge over at Pixie's Crafty Workshop (snippets).  It's a fun challenge and one I haven't played in lately.  Hate to take such a grump over there but still a fun challenge. Maybe it'll even put a smile on his face being with such a happy group of ladies.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Flowers and A Pothole

We've had a few flowers and a big pothole around here lately.

These are larkspur in our front yard.  Really pretty flowers - and so many.  I cropped the picture pretty good since I doubt if you'd really want to see all the thistles that are growing in with them too.  I guess I could wade in there and pull the thistles out but I'm not really keen on having slithery, creepy, crawly things find their way up my pants legs either.

We've also had a little bit of a rocky road lately - actually a big pothole - but we're slowly climbing out of it once again.  Hopefully all will be better soon.  One day at a time.......

I'll be by blogs as soon as I can so hang in there with me.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Trio

It's almost Easter and the bunnies are hopping all over the place.  Instead of doing three separate posts for my Easter cards, I decided to do them all at once and be done with it.  Lazy?  Not really - just easier.  Um......

This first card is done with stamps from Memory Box.  Cute little bunnies, a bit of grass, some sky, and sequins finished this up.  I almost thought that one sequin was an egg hiding in the grass.

Sometimes my mind works in mysterious ways - but for some reason I thought this would look really good on gray cardstock.  I'm having a few seconds thoughts on that now.  Anyway, the original card didn't have the little bunny on it, but then I figured, why not.  I'm still practicing on watercoloring and this was the results on one of my attempts.  The image is from Close to My Heart and the sentiment from Mark's Finest Papers.

The last of the litter for my post.....  This is a stamp from Stampin' Up that a blogging friend was able to get for me.  It was love at first sight on this stamp and this is maybe the second time I've used it.  What can I say?  Another attempt at watercoloring and a very clean and simple design.

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