Friday, November 4, 2016

A Little Late

Believe it or not, I'm back - at least for today.   Yes, I'm still alive, but no, not kicking even a little tiny bit I'm afraid.  During the last couple of years taking care of Jim, everyone kept telling me to be sure and take care of myself too, but being the crazy old fool that I can sometimes be, I failed to listen.  Live and learn the hard way I guess and now I'm paying the price.   After being in the horse-pital for almost a week you have a tendency to lose your humor really fast but it's starting to come back in spurts - at least a little bit.   Going to take a while for me to get mobile again but I'm working on it.    Jim's walker, recliner and I are now BEST buds and none of us are liking this at all - but such is life right now.

This is one of the cards I made before I cratered and since Halloween is already come and gone I figured I'd post it and then see about getting it mailed - or save for next year!  The stamp is from Art Impressions. 

I'll be back when I can and will also be back to commenting when I can.  Just a little slow going right now but will try and get back soon.

Thanks for stopping by..........and also thanks for a all the sweet cards and well wishes.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lovin' Those Dogs

I'm still lovin' those crazy dogs from Tim Holtz so thought I'd pass another one along to you.  Think I may have one (or two) more cards made with these guys and I'm sure you'll be seeing them soon.  I believe the sentiment for this one came from CAS-ual Friday stamps.

In case you already haven't noticed there's a couple of little changes going on here - and with me too I guess.  I'm going to be taking more "Lynn time" even if it means sitting here doing nothing other than watching the grass grow.   I'm going to be posting again - but not all the time.  Same will be with the commenting.  I'll be here when I can though because I miss everyone and miss seeing your wonderful creations.  Thanks for your understanding.

....and thanks for stopping by............

Friday, September 23, 2016

Not Fall

Everyone else seems to be making Fall, Halloween, or even Christmas cards.......and then here comes Lynn with a Super Girl!  We don't have Fall weather anyway - maybe soon.  Anyway, this is nothing fancy at all, no cool looking techniques, but will still be a good birthday card for some little girl.

I found this cute gal in a set of stamps from Pretty Cute Stamps called Superhereos.  You may notice some weird, really weird color in her hair.  No one likes to color hair anyway (or at least not me) but I saw a video the other day where they'd added  a light purple to the hair color and it was so pretty.  Of course this lady was an artist - and hers looked great.......mine looks more like she's got smudges of purple in her hair!  Such as it is though since that may be the style right now. 

Anyway........I love the cute images in this set.  There's also a couple of little boys in the set too and they remind me of Superman.  Have you ever wondered how Superman could go into a phone booth to change clothes, yet no one ever saw him naked - and then having to pull on those tights!!!!  Can you really see a guy trying to put on tights!  Yikes!  Just something to think about this weekend. 

Going to surprise everyone and actually enter this in a couple of challenges too!  Shock, I know!  The challenge at Pretty Cute Stamps is polka dots so I'll take this over there.  Also, I couldn't just come back without also entering the challenge at Pixie's Crafty Workshop (snippets).

Thanks for stopping by........I'll be around again when I am.......

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Plan

This past year has been a pretty bumpy road around here and I think it's finally starting to take it's toll on me - both physically and mentally.  So, my plan right now is to back off for a while and reassess the entire situation - blogging is one of the things included in the situation -  among other things as well.

Seems that the further I go the behind-er I get with everything!  I'm going to take a little time off and see what happens.  Who knows.......I may come back like a freight train - or it may be like a slow moving boat to wherever (like it's been for the last couple of months).  Only time will tell I suppose.

Please don't give up on me just yet though and thanks for stopping by.................

Friday, August 5, 2016

Sun Lovin' Snoop Dog

If there's one thing we have in Texas, it's SUN.  You may not see a sun on this card, but you'll know it's there because of the sun shades. Yep, even little Rambo would like a pair of Ray Bans this summer.  Typical Texas weather right now - hot!

I used one of the TH dogs and they're a fun bunch so you'll be seeing more in the future I"m sure. 

Thanks for stopping by.............

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Couple of Potted Plants

I've been watching the Art Impressions Watercolor series and thought that maybe, just maybe, I could do that.  Maybe!  These are my first tries - well, the first ones you'll see anyway.  The others sorta found their way to the trash can.  I'm still working on it but thought these at least came out decent.  Of course after seeing the videos last week I notice all sorts of things I should have done and didn't.  Guess that's just part of the learning process.   I used the same stamps on both and Marvy and SU markers to do the watercoloring.

This second card sorta got blobbed up with the watercolors right smack dab in the center of all the foliage (of course!)  so I added the gold embossed sentiment on vellum over that.

Thanks for stopping by............

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fun Times and Albert

I really can't say I've been having any fun times the last few weeks due to being computer-less.  

Now, buying a new computer is sorta like buying a bathing don't want to even think about it.  Ok, I found this cutie of a guy and told him I needed a new one.  No problem, lady......what were you using before?  Duh, a computer!  Ok, Windows 10 or what?........yikes!  No, I was still trudging along with Vista.  Um.......well, in that case maybe it'd be better if you got Windows 7 now.  (I really think he just saw the gray hair and made that quick decision)!  Fine - good deal.......let's do it. 

Computer was delivered and set up.  The guy that set it up though probably knew less than me.  He couldn't even figure out how to connect the camera!   This is NOT good!  He left and I didn't even know how to turn it off since it's a laptop instead of a desktop.  Finally figured all that out and then luckily my son showed up that weekend and got me all set. I'm ready to rock and roll on this baby now.  I named him Albert which is good name for a computer - and much, much, MUCH nicer than all the other unprintable names he's been called recently.   

I'm able to email and all that good stuff now.  So excited!  Finally figured out how to add a photo and then ran into the exposure adjustment and watermark problem.  This is where friends come in and pick you up off your feet!  Tammy, Mary, and Brenda - Bless your heart!   They've been so patient and understanding with me and it's appreciated so much.

You won't be seeing me every day and maybe not even every other day since I'm still trying to figure out if Albert and I are going to be compatible or not.  Right now it's a little iffy!

Thanks for stopping by..........and have a fun day!