Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Award

This very sweet blog award came from a very nice blogging buddy. Monica, over at Gardners Basket sent it my way - which was such a special surprise. Thanks Monica. I am suppose to pick 5 fellow bloggers to receive this. I've thought, and thought, and thought, and can't come up with 5!!!! I can come up with 155 but not 5!!! SO, I'm giving it to all 155 (or how many ever there are)of you......this is for all the lovely ladies that have been following my blog, commenting, and just generally being wonderful to me. All your comments mean so much to me - each and every one of them. Thanks so much.


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Sharon Keanly said...

Congrats Lynn, this is so cute and thanks for the Award. You haven't collected one from me yet. Go check out my post from last week, then you can add the Beautiful Blogger to your blog as well. I've also made it available to everyone who visits me, as I couldn't selection just 10 people...lol Hugs Sharon