Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Blog Friend Award

I received this fabulous award from Shelly yesterday! Thanks so much!

I'm suppose to list 10 things that make me happy, then send to 5 other bloggers to share the award. This is such a hard decision since there are so many bloggers that inspire me. I've decided to put the names of blogs that I frequent in a box and chose 5 that way. It's kinda like except we're going to call it RANDOM.BOX!

The came up with the following:

Now, ladies, you will need to copy and paste the award to your blog, note who gave you the award with the link to her blog, and then pass the award to 5 more bloggers. Be sure and visit their blog and let them know.

Hmmm........ten things that make me happy:

1. Hubby (of course) - he's a sweetie

2. My children and grandchildren. I have two wonderful children (and their spouses) and two very precious grandchildren

3. Family and friends - just so many

4. Good health

5. Retirement - I'm loving every minute of it

6. Gardening - there's just something about "digging in the dirt"!

7. The smell after a rain - refreshing!

8. Rambo (no, not the movie) - our little doxie that is just way too cute.

9. Fishing - love to sit with a pole and cork and not care if I catch anything or not

10. Papercrafting - love it all!

Thanks again to Shelly - so sweet of you!

Thanks for stopping by.................



Sealed, With Love said...

Very sweet! I'd say it is well deserved. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. Love your cards. You do beautiful work.

Tina Joergens said...

You are so sweet! Thanks, I'll post tonight since I probably should be *working* right now. You make retirement sound so inviting!

Lynn McAuley said...

You are so sweet, Lynn!! Thank you for sending this delightful award my way! I'll be adding it to my blog with tomorrow's post!

Patty Gorka said...

Lynn, you such a sweetie :) Thank you so much for sending me this award. I've already updated my blog for today, but tomorrow I'll update with it. Thanks so much, you've made my day!

Jacqueline (Scraps of Life) said...

What a sweet award to receive! You deserve it! :D

Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment on my card!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

How nice that you got an award. And from your list it sounds like you are enjoying life to the fullest.