Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fun Times and Albert

I really can't say I've been having any fun times the last few weeks due to being computer-less.  

Now, buying a new computer is sorta like buying a bathing don't want to even think about it.  Ok, I found this cutie of a guy and told him I needed a new one.  No problem, lady......what were you using before?  Duh, a computer!  Ok, Windows 10 or what?........yikes!  No, I was still trudging along with Vista.  Um.......well, in that case maybe it'd be better if you got Windows 7 now.  (I really think he just saw the gray hair and made that quick decision)!  Fine - good deal.......let's do it. 

Computer was delivered and set up.  The guy that set it up though probably knew less than me.  He couldn't even figure out how to connect the camera!   This is NOT good!  He left and I didn't even know how to turn it off since it's a laptop instead of a desktop.  Finally figured all that out and then luckily my son showed up that weekend and got me all set. I'm ready to rock and roll on this baby now.  I named him Albert which is good name for a computer - and much, much, MUCH nicer than all the other unprintable names he's been called recently.   

I'm able to email and all that good stuff now.  So excited!  Finally figured out how to add a photo and then ran into the exposure adjustment and watermark problem.  This is where friends come in and pick you up off your feet!  Tammy, Mary, and Brenda - Bless your heart!   They've been so patient and understanding with me and it's appreciated so much.

You won't be seeing me every day and maybe not even every other day since I'm still trying to figure out if Albert and I are going to be compatible or not.  Right now it's a little iffy!

Thanks for stopping by..........and have a fun day!