Friday, September 30, 2022

One More

 This could be the last of the birthday cards I have to make for this year - maybe.  I think there are a couple more birthdays but I can always use some stashed away cards I made before for those.  We'll see.

On this one I used an All Dressed Up image and sentiment from The Alley Way Stamps (closed shop).  It's colored with Copics.  All those little dots you see..........ah.........when I printed out the image, all these black spots appeared so I just covered them with the Nuvo drops - in all different colors.  I guess I need to clean the printer.  

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Keep On Truckin'

 I've had this stamp (from Stampendous) in my "I need to do" bucket for a while and finally decided to tackle it - with watercolors!  I've been trying to practice more using the watercolors and this was a good "victim".  On the package it came in it showed the truck being rusty looking and that's exactly what I decided to do too since it reminded me of an old truck my dad had so long ago. 

It was in that truck that I guess you could say I had my first driving experience .  I was either 7 or 8  years old and my cousin was the same age.  We hopped in the truck and decided to take it for a spin (with me as the driver).   Somehow I got it in gear and he crawled down on the floorboard and popped the clutch - and away we went......  We never even turned the key to start it but it promptly rolled down the driveway at a pretty good clip ----- and ran right into the house next door!   Now you want to talk about getting into trouble for something!!!  Whoa!  Plus, all the damages to the house we hit. Ah....memories.......

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Sunday, September 25, 2022

It's Fall - Somewhere

 It's fall - but I don't think Texas got the memo.  We're still in the 90's but the weather people keep saying it'll cool down to the 80's (like 87 - which really isn't any kind of a cool-down if you ask me)!   I thought fall was supposed to be crisp air, leaves blowing in the breeze, pumpkins, and football.  About all we have is the football.  Oh well, winter will be here before we know it and then we'll be looking forward to spring and summer.  

I realize this is a complete shock.......but it's another birthday card!  It's already been received so I can post it now.  The images (from Sunny Studio) were given to me as a "just because" gift and I love them.  They're so cute and fun.   All were stamped, colored with Copics, cut out and placed on the card. 

So......a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to Carol today!  

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Another Birthday

 I'm really knocking out birthday cards lately.  I have so many to do before the end of the year and since I've been pretty well worthless I haven't done them like I should.  It really does make me wonder why I'm even bothering - other than the fact the card is homemade and I guess that means something.  I mean you can go to a dollar store and pick up a card for a dollar now.  I was also in the post office yesterday and they had some cute ones for something like $2.99.  Our homemade ones probably run about $85 each when you think of all the supplies we buy!  Yikes!

Anyway, this is the latest birthday card - for a friend.  I used a Taylored Expressions stamp and the rest of the card is pretty self explanatory. far as going gray......what can I say!  I used to color my hair.  Now, what you see is what you get!  

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Spinning Around in CIrcles

 The story of my life at times is like this mouse - spinning around in circles - but this one is spinning around to celebrate!  Just a birthday card that I'm sure I'll be needing in the next month or so.

  The image is from Colorado Craft Company and the rest of the card came about from scraps from  my desk.  I'm really trying to use up some ribbon now since I have enough for an army.  Ribbon is something that's just so pretty you can't pass it up - and then it starts breeding in the craft room.

Moving right along.......... I thought I'd show you one of the quilts I'd done a while back.    It's a log cabin quilt and instead of quilting it on the sewing machine I hand tied it.  Just something different but  I think it made it fluffier.   Another one for Goodwill when I die I guess!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Wobbly Old Man and a Dog

 Popping in with a birthday card for my brother.  He's not chubby like this little guy, and he's not bald either.  He's maybe a little wobbly and definitely OLD though!  The guy and sentiment are from My Favorite Things and I used a scrap of patterned paper cut out with a rectangle die.  I mounted him on one of those wobbly things and so it looks like his belly is bouncing when you move the card! 

 I really think I'm going to have to go back to using my regular camera instead of the phone to take photos.  Everything is still fuzzy looking.  I'm a work in progress..........


Now on to more important Rambo!  Yes, it's the 'dog' part of the title.  Rambo is doing just fine and getting older now (but aren't we all).  He'll turn 14 in January so he's getting up there in dog years.  He's getting a little more frosty in the face and feet and liking his sleep more.  Ever so often he'll get a burst of energy though and do zoomies.  They don't last long. 

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Friday, September 2, 2022

It's Been A While

 Wow!!!  It's been a while since I've been here.  I guess I'm kinda like a bad penny - I just keep coming back.  That really IS some kind of saying isn't it?  It doesn't make a lot of sense but then again so many things in life don't make sense!   With things the way they are these days and times though even a bad penny is a good penny!   Anyway.........Good or bad, here I am once again.   

This is EXACTLY how I looked trying to do this blog post!  It's just been so long since I've done one and I had a terrible time figuring out what to do - IF I've even figured it out right!  I guess I'll find out after I hit "publish" and see if the computer self destructs!  It took about four hours just to figure out how to add the watermark again and as you can see, I cut off a tad bit of that when I edited the card.  UGH!  Also, if the picture is a little fuzzy looking to you it's because it probably is.  That was another experience all together!     Ok........The image is from Stamping Bella and was colored with Copics - done deal for a "git 'er done" birthday card. 

I'll be back when I'm back.  In the meantime, thanks for stopping by...........and keep smiling!