Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Life's A Ball

Life really is a ball - and especially if you're a dog.  Most dogs love to chase tennis balls or any other kind of ball.   Rambo.......prefers squirrels.  Oh well, what can you say!

I just loved the Inky Paws sketch challenge at Newton's Nook so had to play along this time.  I did a very basic clean and simple card and pretty well followed the sketch.  The stamp set I used from Newton's Nook is called Fetching Friendship.

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Monday, May 27, 2019

The Old Goat

Graduation for the granddaughter is finally said and done!  She did a great job, received numerous scholarships, and just generally did wonderful.  I, for one, am ready for some peace and quiet now....at least a little bit.  I'll be around a lot more now and may even have some time to make a card or two also.  It's pretty nice as you get older.......everyone just looks at you and sighs and says - ah, she's just so old and getting slower now.........So, as you age, be sure and take note of all these little things.  It doesn't matter if you can run circles around them - don't do it and they'll just think you're old.  I'm rambling...............

I made this card several months ago.  I was going to try and get a better picture of it but can't even find the card now.  Guess that means it's already been shipped out.  Anyway, I used a stamp from Art Impressions.  Very basic, clean and simple card  - but it's done and evidentially already gone to whoever it was going to.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Bad Day/Worse Day

Everyone has a bad day ever so often but it seems like lately when I have one, I go all out and have a worse day!  Yesterday as I was trying to publish a comment that someone made on my last post, I hit something wrong and it removed the content from all the previous comments.  UGH!!!  Carol sent me a link to be able to get back the comments and it didn't work because of how I receive my comments or something.  Technical garbage basically.  So, anyway......it is what it is now and I'm sorry if you commented and it's no longer showing. 

Next up was doing a little coloring on an image.  Ran out of ink while using the Copic, got it all refilled, and realized I'd used the wrong refill on it so that bit the dust.  Another big UGH!  I really wanted to use that pen so decided to run to Michael's and just pick up another one until I could run all the ink out of the one I messed up. 

Ok...........I had to go next door to Petsmart for a particular item anyway so off I went.  Got the pen and headed to Petsmart.  Now, I love animals and being in Petsmart is sorta like being in heaven.  Maybe not so much when you have to smell the dog food and all that but whatever.  I wandered around in there for a good hour just looking at everything (and of course picking up way too much and sticking it in the cart).  Got home and got everything unloaded and nope, didn't get what I initially went there for.   Figures and so typical. 

Then I decided to go ahead and enter my last card in the challenges I listed.  One went through fine....the other one came up with all this mess about inlink or linkedin , social media, needing a login and password.............DUH!  Never had one before for that so guess I need it now.  Started adding that in and this big sign comes up and says it's not secure and basically everyone in the world is going to know who you are and probably what kind of undies you wear too!  EEPPPPP!!  I scooted out of there in a hurry.  What's the deal with all that anyway? 

Now that I've written a small essay, there's my card................what can I say except Ha, Ha, HA!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Where's The Critter

I know this is coming as a big shock - no critter!  I should have added a little butterfly to make it more of a Lynn card I guess.  Every so often I guess it's good to go with something different though.  All the stamps used on here are from WPlus9.  Love the wood background stamp and that wreath.  So many ways you could decorate the wreath - even for Christmas.  The sketch I used was one from Newton's Nook a while back and I really like it too.

I've been laying low on the weekends and in case you haven't noticed and haven't been by to comment on cards then.  This may be the new norm as it gives me a chance to maybe create a little bit and do other things too.  

Also, the oldest granddaughter is graduating in 2 weeks.  Holy Moly!!!!!  I've never seen so much activity and going on's!  When we graduated we basically showed up for the ceremony (and didn't even want to do that).  Not anymore.....parties every night, awards ceremonies, more parties, and more ceremonies.  It's a never ending story.  At least I've been contributing some.......I've made over 130 thank you cards for her to send out........  also about 30 tags to add to gifts and that type of thing.  So I haven't just been sluffing off and not creating anything.

I'll enter this in the Tuesday Throwdown challenge (frame it)and Pixie's Crafty Workshop (snippets).

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Flamingo Fad

I wandered into one of the local hobby stores the other day and it's filled with flamingos!  They're everywhere.  I was almost blinded from all the pink - and legs.  So, what do you do but come home and make a flamingo card!  Makes sense doesn't it!  Ugh!

The image and sentiment are from a MFT stamp set.  Did a little sponging through a stencil behind the bird and then popped on a couple of clouds - because I could.  I put all this on some card stock I've had for a long time  It's shiny and to be honest, not the greatest in the world.  Really light weight.  So after I made this, I grabbed some good card stock and made another one.  Probably by the time these get mailed for birthdays the flamingo fad will be long gone.  On well.........

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Fantasy Seahorse - 2 Crafty Critter Crazies

Fun seahorse today for our 2 Crafty Critter Crazies challenge this month.  Come on over and enter your card or other project.  All you have to include on it is a critter of some type on it.

The seahorse image I used is from Frabika Fantasy, who is the sponsor for our challenge this month.  For the actual image I used Copics and colored pencils.  Nothing fancy, but think he looks pretty cool.  For the background blue, I used some blue and purple alcohol ink - sorta dribbling it on and then moving it around with a brush.  You never know what kind of background you're going to get using the ink that way.  Fun technique.

Thanks for stopping by.........and be sure and enter the challenge at 2 Crafty Critter Crazies.