Thursday, August 31, 2023

Time to Smile

 I really thought we were on the downhill side of summer since we started having temps that were only like 96 to 98 - and then blam.....up again to the 100's. Hot is hot I guess.  Oh well, winter will be here soon enough but in the meantime it's still summer and hot..........

This goes to show I don't know what I'm doing about half the time.  I've had this card in my mind for several weeks and knew exactly what it would look like when it finished.  I started working on it and got all the little seahorses, bubbles, anchor, etc on there and blah!  Just boring no matter what I did --- so I added a fish from Rubbermaker!  I used all sorts of stuff on the background - Frost White Ink, Maymade Made it stamps (that I won from Brenda recently), Oxides, Perfect name it and it's on there (which is totally not me!).  I even Googled seahorses to see kinda what colors they'd be and they can actually be all sorts of colors.  So I used some distress inks on them and then off-set them to give a little dimension.   The "netting" is from some packaging for avacado's. I attemped to color that more of a neutral color and it wasn't happening. I just HAD to add that little fish though - I mean, why not!  Right?  Gave it a little pizzaz anyway and a smile to take you into the weekend...... 

Thanks for stopping by......and keep smiling!


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

A Bit of White - and Guess Who

 Another very simple card using an embossing folder from Simon Says Stamp (Wildflowers).  It was my intention to maybe use some distress inks over the raised part of this but I just couldn't see messing up something already so pretty.  I love this embossing folder.  It didn't say it was a 3D folder but the embossed area is raised up pretty good on here.  I also sprayed it with a little water before embossing so that may have helped some. The sentiment is a very old one from Stampin' Up.

I completely forgot but National Dog Day was on Saturday - and since I haven't posted a picture of Rambo lately, here you go.  He's aging a little bit faster now (aren't we all) but still gets those bursts of energy at times.  

Thanks for stopping by.........and keep smiling!

Saturday, August 26, 2023

It's A Daisy

 All the flowers around here are looking pretty ratty now.  It's just been a really hot summer but thankfully we're on the downhill side of that (hopefully) - and fall is around the corner. I even saw mums for sale at the store the other, I didn't buy any.  For one thing, it's still too hot - and also....I kill them pretty quick. about a daisy card instead!  

I used a die from Simon Says Stamp and a pre-made strip sentiment....with a bit of distressing on the diecut and also the background.  Not sure why in the world I used pink for that background but they were the colors I grabbed so there you go.

Thanks for stopping by..........and keep smiling!


Monday, August 21, 2023


 Not real sure what I'm celebrating here - if anything - but I do have a card today, so maybe that's the celebration.  

I've been watching I realize that's sorta like looking at Pinterest.  You see all these wonderful things everyone does and think "I can do that too" and then you don't.   Anyway,  I was watching one of the Youtube videos the other day where they were using all kinds of washi tape.  So, hey......I can do that!  They were mainly using  the big wide ones but of course I don't have any of those but I do have a little cigar box with the skinny ones in it so I hauled that out to see what I could do.  (Note - No, I don't smoke cigars but those little boxes with the flip lids are wonderful to hold all sorts of treasures!)

So, here's my take using the washi tape.  Super simple card, washi strips, and a celebrate die...........

Thanks for stopping by............and keep smiling!

Monday, August 7, 2023

What's Happening

If you've followed my blog for a while you already know a few things about me - one of them being that I love frogs.  Yes, I do!  The real ones are pretty cute but they're especially cute when they're on a card.  

This one is from Unity and I love the dreamy look in those eyes.  I don't have a dreamboat to send this too anymore - unless I can find George Clooney's address - so, I just used the "Sup" sentiment from the set of stamps and I guess I'll be sending this to my brother - not a very good substitute for George but he'll have to do!    I also used a wave type stencil from Newton's Nook in the background and then mounted him on a circle die of scrap polka dot paper.  

I'll enter this in the challenges at The Male Room (dots and/or stripes - polka dot circle and wavy stripes) and Critter Crazy Challenges (anything goes with a critter).

Thanks for stopping by..........and keep smiling!