Monday, September 11, 2017

Simple Card......The Cat That Wasn't.....Oh NUTS!

A peek of a few things going on in my life right now.  First off is a very simple card.  I used some Oxide ink, a die, sequins, that Smoochy spray stuff, and a little masking off the rectangle.  What can I say over than super simple.  The happy birthday sentiment is on the inside.

Next up on the agenda.........This is Pepper and she's the cat (kitten) that almost was.  Recently a neighbor moved and left this poor little girl behind.  She was so tiny and nothing but skin and bones so of course I had to rescue her and get her fattened up a bit.  Such a sweet little kitty!  The problem was that Jim and Rambo didn't feel we needed another female in the house (since they do think they rule!) so she's residing with my brother now.  Rambo did not appreciate the competition at all around here!

And speaking of Rambo......We have to end this post with the king of the house.  Yes, he's wearing the cone of shame.  About the only explanation is that he's not as "nutty" as he used to be!!!  For the last 10 days he's been a very unhappy little guy but the cone is gone now and he's back to his furry self  ----- just minus a little bit that he didn't need anyway!

Thanks for stopping by.................