Monday, September 11, 2017

Simple Card......The Cat That Wasn't.....Oh NUTS!

A peek of a few things going on in my life right now.  First off is a very simple card.  I used some Oxide ink, a die, sequins, that Smoochy spray stuff, and a little masking off the rectangle.  What can I say over than super simple.  The happy birthday sentiment is on the inside.

Next up on the agenda.........This is Pepper and she's the cat (kitten) that almost was.  Recently a neighbor moved and left this poor little girl behind.  She was so tiny and nothing but skin and bones so of course I had to rescue her and get her fattened up a bit.  Such a sweet little kitty!  The problem was that Jim and Rambo didn't feel we needed another female in the house (since they do think they rule!) so she's residing with my brother now.  Rambo did not appreciate the competition at all around here!

And speaking of Rambo......We have to end this post with the king of the house.  Yes, he's wearing the cone of shame.  About the only explanation is that he's not as "nutty" as he used to be!!!  For the last 10 days he's been a very unhappy little guy but the cone is gone now and he's back to his furry self  ----- just minus a little bit that he didn't need anyway!

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Lisa said...

What a gorgeous card!! I love the beautiful colors!! Aww, such a sweet kitty!! She looks a bit like one of my girls :) And I'm glad Rambo no longer has to wear the cone of shame ;) Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Chriss America Real said...

When I had Duncan fixed my neighbor started calling him "Dunkin doughnuts" poor dogs! But it is for the best . I'm not a cat person but that kitten sure was cute !

I love your card it is so pretty !


Chrissy said...

Oh, poor I think the worst part is the bucket on his such a cute little kitten and such a shame you couldn't keep her,she is beautiful but must be giving your Brother happiness..and onto your gorgeous CAS and perfect card..I love it Lynn..the background is spot on.


Carol L said...

First of all, I absolutely LOVE your card and I need to try making one just like it! I love the colors, distress inks and the sheer classic CAS design! Even though I'm not a cat person, I love what you did to save that sweet kitty. Most of all, I love your description of having Rambo neutered!! A little less nutty - OMG, I cannot stop laughing!! Poor guy - I'm glad he's all recovered even though there's a wee bit less of him than before ;) So good to see a post from you again.......take care and have a great week ahead!

Tammy said...

Gorgeous CAS card Lynn, I love the oxide ink background! OMGosh that kitten is so cute, so glad she has a good home. AND poor Rambo, I bet he is one happy pup since the cone is gone. I hope you've been doing well.
Hugs, Tammy

kiwimeskreations said...

Wonderful to see you here again Lynn - Love your card, it's amazing.
Poor Pepper - what a start - she looks a real sweetie!!
As for Rambo - what a pugnacious individual not to want to share you :-(

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Lynn - so glad to see you back here, and with such a stunning card!
Pepper looks wonderful - what a pity you could not keep her.
As for Rambo - how pugnacious not to want to share you!! :-( Glad he is now minus the Cone of Shame

Darnell said...

I feel guilty laughing at poor Rambo, but I am not chuckling at him, mind, but at your funny words! I just love your sense of humor at all times, Lynn! Your card is not simple looking at all! I love the design with the masked rectangle and the colors! You've created a ton of depth and those poppies in white always melt my heart!! Good for you saving the poor kitty and being a good mom to recognize that Rambo has feelings, too. It all worked out for everybody!Hugs, Darnell

Bonnie said...

A simply beautiful card, Lynn! Love these colors with the white silhouetted flowers! Pepper is adorable! It's too bad Jim and Rambo didn't like the competition. Glad she's found a good home and that Rambo is back to his fun self.

NanaConnie said...

Wonderful card, my friend! You do CAS so well and the color combo on this on is superb. You know I fell in love instantly with little Pepper and it's sad that Rambo wouldn't let her stay. You could have sent her to me, my friend. :-D Glad Rambo is all healed and doesn't have to wear that horrid cone anymore.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

So good to see you! This is one lovely card, and I must also give this a try! Yay for you with the kitty rescue! Nice work. As for Rambo, you are so right... he did not need those parts anyway. So glad he is rid of the cone. They can be the real pain.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Lynn, what a beautiful CAS card! And Pepper is so cute! I'm sorry the menfolk at your house didn't want another female. Poor Rambo, though. Guess he's better now, but the cone must have seemed unbearable, not to mention the pain he experienced.

Linda Simpson said...

Hello Lynn, gorgeous card, love the background! What a cute little kitty and how wonderful she is now with your brother. Poor Rambo, I hope he is back to his usual self. I hope you and Jim are well.
Linda xxx

Lynn McAuley said...

Such a fabulous card! Beautiful work, Lynn!!

I am sure Rambo is thrilled to be rid of this kitty cutie but maybe not his treasured bits!

MaryH said...

Delightful card, and so colorful...liking the sheer white of the flower stems. Cute little kitty, and glad you were able to rescue her. Also happy to hear Rambo is on the mend, and has lost his cone! TFS &Hugs

Margaret said...

Your card is so pretty. Love the colors and your simple layout.

Kitty is so adorable. So glad to hear that she found a furever home.

Diane said...

Gorgeous card and colors Lynn, what a super cute little kitten. Glad you were able to find her a wonderful new home. The picture of Rambo is just perfect.

Hugs Diane

Marilyn said...

Such a pretty card and I like how you created the background. That's a great die too... it was one of the first ones I ever bought and I don't think I will ever get rid of it.
Such a pretty kitten and I'm glad you found a home for it. Why do ppl just 'leave' animals like that? I hate that and am glad you came to her rescue.
And poor Rambo... he looks so forlorn in the pic.

Margaret said...

LOL! Poor Rambo! The cone is no fun (of course the reason for the cone probably wasn't a picnic either!). Pepper is one sweet little kitty too! So glad you found a suitable home!

Almost forgot with all of the fur baby news... Beautiful card too!!

Brenda said...

Sorry Lynn, I am not getting notifications once again and looks like I have missed a bunch of posts! This email crap is getting old. Your CAS card is gorgeous Lynn! I love your inky background. You are a wish at those oxides my friend. But quick?! I can never do an inky background quickly. lol Now who can leave a precious little kitty like this one behind?!!! Goodness she is a cutie! Your photo looks like a calendar page or something! So beautiful with the flowers and flag behind this sweetie. I had to laugh about the "no more females in the house" as that is the way it was around here too. Rambo, poor Rambo, I know he was a happy camper when the cone of shame came off. Savannah didn't like her's either when she got fixed! Nope they didn't need those other parts at all. lol Hugs, Brenda