Friday, November 4, 2016

A Little Late

Believe it or not, I'm back - at least for today.   Yes, I'm still alive, but no, not kicking even a little tiny bit I'm afraid.  During the last couple of years taking care of Jim, everyone kept telling me to be sure and take care of myself too, but being the crazy old fool that I can sometimes be, I failed to listen.  Live and learn the hard way I guess and now I'm paying the price.   After being in the horse-pital for almost a week you have a tendency to lose your humor really fast but it's starting to come back in spurts - at least a little bit.   Going to take a while for me to get mobile again but I'm working on it.    Jim's walker, recliner and I are now BEST buds and none of us are liking this at all - but such is life right now.

This is one of the cards I made before I cratered and since Halloween is already come and gone I figured I'd post it and then see about getting it mailed - or save for next year!  The stamp is from Art Impressions. 

I'll be back when I can and will also be back to commenting when I can.  Just a little slow going right now but will try and get back soon.

Thanks for stopping by..........and also thanks for a all the sweet cards and well wishes.