Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Award of Love

Monica, over at Handmade Cards With Love, passed this lovely Blog Award on to me! She is a sweetheart for doing this and she makes the most wonderful creations. Be sure and check out her blog.

What I'm suppose to do is to pass this on to three or five other blogs. Usually when I receive one of these I just pass it on to everyone - mainly because everyones blog is so special to me and I love them all! But I'll go ahead this time and pass it to three - very different blogs from three different ladies!

Babette - Babette's blog is called Sincerely, Babette - she mainly creates projects. And all of them are just fabulous. I don't usually think "outside the box" and stick with card making so it's a real treat for me to see different projects - Check out her blog and see what I'm talking about.

Maria - Maria's blog is called Crafty Creations - and she is just very crafty AND creative. She makes all these fantastic cards and just gives me so much inspiration. You'll be pleased with everything you see there and she's a sweetheart for sure - So head on over to Maria's blog.

Mary - Mary calls her blog Southern Moments - don't you just love the name of that one. She does mainly scrapbook pages that are just gorgeous and amazing! I don't scrapbook at all (maybe someday) so I'm always just drooling after leaving her blog. Don't forget and check this out.

So those are three very different blogs and all are wonderful.

Thank you again Monica!



Sharon said...

Congrats on your Award Lynn and I'll be sure to check our those special blogs you've passed it on to. hugs Sharon

Kathy and Lucky said...

Congrats on your award!

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

You are very sweet and Congrats to you!!! I've been awarded it three times this week!! As much as I accept it and want to pass it on to EVERYONE...I've decided not to participate in the blog awards. Call me weird - I know........
but THANK YOU for the award and for linking up my blog. You are too sweet!!!
PS: - as I told's 7 degrees here this morning!!!!!!! UGH!

Miss Mary said...

Aww Thank you Lynn..I had no idea you had given this to me. We have been in Orland Fl for the past week and I'm just now catching up. Great minds think alike. I LOVE your blog as well. Thanks again for thinking of me. :)

JustYolie said...

Congrats on your award.