Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Horsing Around for 2 CCC and What's Happening


This is a little long for a post - not what I normally do I don't guess.  Just a bit about what's been going on with me - and also about our December challenge at 2 Crafty Critter Crazies.

This is our last challenge for 2020 at 2 Crafty Critter Crazies.  Instead of having a sponsor this month, the design team is allowed to use whatever we want on a card or project.  There WILL be a prize though so come on over and enter your critter card or project for a chance to win.

I used an older stamp from Impression Obsession for my card today, keeping it super simple.  I think I've used this same stamp and basic design every year for at least a few Christmas cards......but this will be the last year.  I had a lady email me the other day wanting to know if I'd sell her this stamp since she hasn't been able to find it anywhere.  Her daughter has a horse farm/business and she wanted it to make cards for her to send out.  Nope....won't sell it.....but I WILL send it.  So I sent it to her.  I've enjoyed it for a lot of years and I know she'll enjoy using it for a lot of years too - and that makes me happy.

WHEW!!!!!  2020 is almost over with - and what a year this has been!  It's been a wild ride hasn't it?  Maybe next year will be better.  I've been missing in action for several months from my blog now but I've actually been enjoying myself.   My plan is to get back in the groove of things MAYBE after the first of the year.  At least a little bit.  

As far as what I've been doing............EEP!!!!  I must have had a complete brain break-down or something but decided that I was going to learn how to quilt.  I've always said that before I died I wanted to do this.  You know..........leave a little something behind so after I'm dead and gone the kids can take it to Goodwill and say "she tried".  

 I got the first one made - a small one - and my daughter's dog (beast) ate several rows of it.  YEP!  Not to be discouraged (after threatening to kill the dog), I made another one.......and then another one, and have kept going.  I'm giving three as Christmas presents this year - plus two tote bags.  I have several more in the process but won't be finishing those for a while.    Are they good.....well, no.............Are they perfect........no way..........Am I enjoying it.........yes.  I named my sewing machine Stitches........and we're burning rubber (or thread) on quilts.  

So, that's what has been going on with my life lately.   We're all staying well here and that's a huge plus.  I hope everyone has a nice Christmas and New Year.

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kiwimeskreations said...

So great to see you here Lynn, and I too love that stamp. This is one fabulous card, Love it.
How generous of you to gift it to the other lady. It helps to know that it will be loved and well used.
'Ah, so you have another addiction.... my SIL quilts and she is as avid at stitching as I am at card making :)
It certainly has been quite the year - I have sold my house and am moving this weekend - at this point into a rental, then once DD has extended, I will be living with her and her family.
May you have a wonderful Christmas and that 2021 treats you well
Stay safe

KT Fit Kitty said...

Nice to see you, Lynn! Your card is gorgeous! I want to see photos of the quilts. They will be family heirlooms and always cherished. Your blog post made me chuckle, love your sense of humour. Glad that you are enjoying your new hobby!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Lynn, it's good to see you and to hear what's been going on! WOW! you are an amazing woman! Love the horses on your lovely card, too.

Linda Simpson said...

Hello Lynn, lovely to hear from you and so pleased you are enjoying your quilting. As off beginning of 2021 I am no longer making cards or mixed media piece. After nearly 20 years I have had enough now. I have restarted my journey in crocheting, set up a new blog and got rid of all my stash, a lot donated to a home for the elderly and some to friends. My craft room is going to become my crochet nook and have even set up a new blog. The other blog will be gone too.
Happy Holiday and much love!
Linda xxx

*Vicki* said...

Your card is absolutely stunning Lynn! I don't blame you one bit for wanting to keep it around! I know some horse people myself that would love it! I'm so happy to hear that you've been enjoying yourself and having some crafty fun even if it isn't papercrafting. I think this next year will no doubt be MUCH better! Wishing you a joyful and peaceful Christmas my friend! HUGS

JD/ Jill said...

This is a really neat card, and a very special image. I can see why that lady wanted the image to. I had something of the same thing happened to me...someone wanted me to sell them an item I had and I just gave it to them because I realized that it meant more to them than it did to me. I realize though, that your situation is different it did mean a lot to you too.
I would also love to see your quilts. I'm thinking of trying to get back into crochet, I used to crochet all the time, and then I found card making and started doing that instead. We'll see what the new year brings. (On a winter night I always enjoyed crocheting afghan's and letting my work fit accross my lap whilte I was working on it. (kept me nice and warm)

Diane said...

My gosh Lynn you are just too funny, I am still laughing about your quilt experiences. My great grandmother made quilts, I remember her cutting the little squares of fabric and hand sewing them together. Your card is just lovely and how nice of you to send the stamp to someone who will also enjoy it.

Hugs Diane

Irish Cherokee said...

Love the image. Great for the season. Stay safe and healthy.


Karen Page said...

That was very sweet of you Lynn for sharing a well loved stamp, but it feels like the time is right for it to bring someone else joy. And IO stamps last for ever so she'll be able to pass it on to her daughter or someone else one day. There is the whole story/ myth of the humility block... an error added on purpose because only God is perfect. I suspect that was the story given by the quilt salesperson at the general store to cover their bases about faults. I read more recently one woman who was frustrated by her learning curve and frequent mistakes, and less than kind comments when posting her projects. She considered quitting, but instead looked in her heart, and her heart told her she loved to quilt. That was all she needed to stop beating herself up over mistakes. I'm thrilled you have found another hobby you love, especially when cardmaking can be so deadline oriented between DT deadlines and occasions. And sometimes a break from blogging resets the creative soul... but know that we'd all love to see your quilting projects too. You never know where the next card idea will come from! I love looking at quilts for color combos and patterns!

Bonnie said...

I've always loved your cards done with this stamp, Lynn! How generous to share it. You show a good example! I'm glad you are enjoying quilt making. You'll have to take pictures and share them with us. What treasured gifts they will be.

Lynn McAuley said...

Love reading your awesome post today, Lynn! Your card is beautiful, and I am thrilled that your stamp is going to someone who will love it even more than you do! Quilting ---EKK! Now there is a hobby that will take a lot of time, space, and money!! I an thrilled that you are enjoying it, and I know your family will treasure your creations. Stay safe and have a happy holiday!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I love that stamp- and see your yearly cards, so I had to have the stamp- a few years ago... I will have to get it out and create with it- I know the perfect person to use it for too! You have inspired me with your beautiful card- and how kind of your to RAK it to her! You'll have to show us your quilts- and if I may say so- that dog is lucky (to be alive)....just kidding. I would be- so not happy!!! Glad you are enjoying stitching- and I loved that you named your machine too!

ahlers5 said...

I love this image...so beautiful. It's gorgeous with just the hats colored red.

Carol L said...

I love this horse image and I think this is the first year I haven't used it to make a card! Your card looks wonderful and it's awesome that you shared it with someone who wanted it so badly! That's a very thoughtful gift you gave :)
Sorry the doggie ate your first quilt but I'm glad you stuck with it and I'd love to see the things you've made with "stitches" too. I'm glad to hear you're happy and well and I really do miss you in blogland! Have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully a much better new year in 2021!

JD/ Jill said...

Lynnm Thank you for your kind words of comfort on my post! Hope all is going well for you!

Brenda in IN said...

A great card with those cute Santa hats on those sweet horses. How kind of you to gift her the stamp and I'm sure she appreciated it. It's so nice you were able to start a new hobby that not only brings joy to you, but to others who receive the quilts. (Well, except for the dog)! Quilts are a labor of love and are heirlooms that can be passed on so that is a wonderful gift. So happy to see you back.