Monday, March 8, 2010

Small Size Panic

Well, I'm in a small size panic right now! The site that I left in my last post said I got the little cowgirl free digital image from HERE (meaning However, when I went to that site to make SURE, I can't find that image......SO.....I'm in the process of looking for it! I WILL post the correct site as soon as I find it! Yikes! So frustrating....I need a better way of labeling my digital images. I thought I had this one right, but guess I didn't.


Lesley said...

glad your panic is over & you found your image - Lesley x

Karen Howard said...

When I first started seeing digital images I would save them and not think anything of it... until I started making cards with them and wanted to post where I had got it then I drew a blank and had to spend more time looking for it! Now when I save them I create a folder with the site name so I can easily find the link again.